About Diecast Zone CC

Being collectors for over 20 years, protectors are definitely a big part of the hobby, we all lie to protect our investments. From Mainlines to RLC and Convention Pieces when a car is precious to you, you want it to be protected. With many protectors, out there of different qualities and shapes, we put our minds to the drawing board to produce a protector that not only served the purpose of protecting but also makes a great display.

After opening and closing a protector a few times they did not seem to clip shut properly like brand new and seemed to come open during shipping, also to display on a shelf they did not stand upright and leant forward. Many we also found we very flimsy and made from PET plastic.

So, in our design we have used a better clip system so after opening and closing the protector case, it will still hold shut and not open unexpectedly therefore keeping your investment protected. This design also stands up on a shelf for the best the display. We have designed this protector in a way with two feet supporting the protector for balance and to keep it level, ensuring it stays upright when placed on a table or shelf. The plastic used in the New Design is also made with a thicker better quality PVC plastic. Protectors also have a cut out for hanging on a peg or for wall displays.

To make your collection safe, secure and display great these protectors are what are needed in his day and age of collecting.

Hope you enjoy our product, we try to make modifications to it all the time. If you have any suggestions please let us know.